On the very first CTS (Contextual & Theoretical Studies) lecture, there’s an introduction of what is CTS about, what we need to achieve.

Later on, we started to talk about ‘Modernity’.

What is Modern? How does it related to our life?

When talking about modern catalogues, the first thing that came to me is technology. Then I started thinking about information systems: how people share information and other resources.

A student argued about how to define ‘modern’, she said the definition is depending on the time you are living in. In other words, if we can travel in time to hundreds of years ahead, all ‘modern’ today become ‘ancient’.

I think ‘modern’ should represent some sort of positive changes or even evolutions. It changes how people spend their time, the way they look at the world, and themselves.

At the end of class, we were asked to choose a topic to do research and write something about. My group agreed to choose ‘self-identity’, this is the one I really interested in.

Since I was a child, I always like to think about ‘where do I come from?’ and ‘who am I?’ kind of question. As the world changes, people will see themselves differently.

In the ancient days, people struggled to survive from natural disasters and wild animals, but now technology and social development allowed us to spend more time to enjoy life.

To me, this is modern: having choices to do what we really wanted, not just to survive.