Quantify Me is a year 1 project about gathering and visualising personal data during the Christmas holiday.

Final Outcome



I have been thinking of creating infographics about the food I cooked or the places I visited, but in the end, I decided to write down all the dreams I can remember.

To recall a dream can be tricky, the best thing to do is to get up earlier, so there is enough time for memorising previous night’s dream and to record it as soon as possible.

At the end of 29 days’ recording, I made a graph showing my sleeping hours and dreams count. I was expecting to find some patterns in it but did not.

Colours choice: black background and skin tone

Quantify Me: Sleeping Hours

The Book

Then we were asked to use the data collected to create a book.

By researching on binding method and forms of ‘a book’, I changed my ideas a few times and I was unable to decide between making a perfect binding storytelling book and a double-sided pop-up book until I was told: “You won’t be able to make it (the pop-up one)… it’s too difficult.”

So I decided to go for it.

Japanese Bookbinding by Kosanjin Ikegami

(I didn’t use techniques in this book but found it quite interesting)

I made a concertina book in black and white. The side with white background shows facts about my 29 days sleeping pattern and figures, and the side with black background contains dreams I had.
I picked the words ‘true’ and ‘void’ for the two sides as they represent opposite values in coding language, and I feel that they somehow fit my context about the conscious and unconscious situation.

ideas on sketchbook

I spend a lot of time finding and buying the paper but at the end did not use the one I ordered from G.F Smith. I used 300GSM paper which is much more difficult to cut but can give extra weight and support to the book.

  Prototypes and working process…




References & Others

This is a book I found useful for making any kind of pop up books.
Also I have used some icons I found online.


Books made by my classmates