Timeline project required me to visualise data I found in research.

I started with lots of different ideas and have chosen Chinese characters as my topic. I wanted to find out how they change over time but soon found the main challenges of the project:

1.How to represent the very large time span? (6600BC – 20th Century)

2.How to communicate across the language barrier?

3.There are many characters but only very limited resource available.And they are all in low quality.

To solve these problems, I decided not to follow the scale of time, but only put the script names on the centre line, and draw lines leading to detailed information.

I chose bird and fish as my characters to be displayed for two reasons: they exist for a long time and I believe I don’t need to explain the meaning as the characters are very graphical.

To solve the last problem, I had to spend hours to draw all the old forms of writing in Adobe Illustrator by hand due to the available images online are all very blur.

A version with background colour: (but decided not to use)


Final outcome: (A1 size poster)