Willow is a small tree, that’s what she has always been told.

All the trees in Authorizer Forest told her: “you should stay here and try to put your root deep into the soil.”

So she did, but she looks very different from other trees, she felt confused.

“What kind of trees am I?” She asked.

“Willow, you are a willow” They told her.

Day by day, Willow looking around herself, all she saw were trees and vines. Until one day, a bird flew over and rested on her.

“What are you?” the bird asked.

“I am a tree, my name is Willow” She said.

“No, you are not. I have flown across many forests, there was no tree like you, and you must be something else.”

“What am I then?”

“You may be an animal!” the bird is exciting, “Yes, you are definitely an animal!”

Willow tries to ask more questions, but the bird just flew away.

So Willow start to try moving her root, she feel her root moved a little bit under the soil. She is scared, but her curiosity overcomes the fear.

She keeps moving, and the old tree around her angrily shouts to her: “What are you doing? A tree should never leave the soil!”

Other trees echoed old tree words; Vines wrapped around her.

She almost gives up, but the little bird comes back, with a knife left by some tourists.

The bird cut Willow free from the vines, Willow struggles and to every tree’s surprise, she stands up.

She moves, and she is still alive.

“Look! I am an animal!” Willow cheered.

“I told you! Let’s go!” the bird is excited about having a new friend.

Willow left the Authorizer Forest with the little bird and lives a happy and lighthearted life thereafter.

(A story by me)

Propp’s Structuralist analysis

  • The villain: trees and vines
  • Hero/Heroine: Willow
  • The helper: unknown tourist
  • The dispatcher: birds