A mindset is a way we look at the world. As mentioned in Ken Robinson’s book ‘Out of Our Minds’, our opinions or perspectives affect what we see. Therefore, our understanding of the world influenced deeply by all the ideas, values, beliefs and so on. And yet what we perceived may not be the truth. An example of Einstein’s theory of relativity was given in the book to explain this.


Ken Robinson believed that everyone has creative capacities but the education system and the society are misleading our ideas about ‘creative people’.

De Carolis, D. and Close, C. D. have the same idea about entrepreneurial skill: ” All of us are entrepreneurs. We are all born with the innate ability to survive; and survival involves innovative thinking. ”

Creative people look at conventional industries and find a way to disrupt and change people’s life. Famous companies like Uber, Airbnb, Apple, Amazon, and many other successful businesses are all disruptors.

As mentioned in the previous blog, the creative economy is rising, and creativity is not limited to specific occupations. Richard Florida believed the creative class will continue to grow, creativity is essential to the way we live and work today and it is not limited to technological innovation or new business models. (Florida, 2002)


“There are some activities people do best alone…but Entrepreneurship is not one of them.” (Baron, 2013, pp83) Since teamwork is unavoidable, emotional intelligence is crucial for an entrepreneur. Psychologist and science journalist Daniel Goleman states that although on average women tend to be better at emotional empathy and keeping things feeling good in a group and men tend to be more self-confidence, there is no difference in these variables between men and women when look at the top 10% leaders, which prove that both men and women can pick up skills as they need.

This may again prove that everyone can become an entrepreneur and there is no such thing called ‘born leader’.