Last week, we were asked to generate ideas of promoting Creative Enterprise Week across LCC. The teams chosen will implement the plan and funded by SSEF (School Student Experience Fund). A few teams included ours, were selected to run the campaigns.

My main focus is about making resources available to students. Our group plan is targeting students using the canteen during lunch hours.

  1. Instead of giving out leaflets or putting posters on walls, we would like to put stickers on items students purchased to send the information into their hands. There will be a QR code on the stickers, which allow students to scan with their mobile phones and connect to the promotional website.
  2. Projecting a huge QR code on a wall or an empty space, without saying anything else, to intrigue people’s curiosity. The code also links to the said website that provides information and resources about becoming an entrepreneur.

By combining the small and big promotional means, we will raise awareness about creative entrepreneurship during UAL enterprise week and Global Entrepreneurship week, and leave an impact beyond.

This week’s lecture introduced a few cities’ creative areas, such as NDSM in Amsterdam, Savamala in Belgrade, Botkyrka in Stockholm, Kreuzberg in Berlin, Metelkova Mesto in Ljubljana, Blindside in Melbourne, The Artworks in London, and performances took place in San Francisco asking for more indoor creative activity space.

According to The World Bank’s Toward Solutions for Youth Employment report in 2015, “one third of the world’s 1.8 billion young people are currently neither in employment, education or training”. Could creative entrepreneur be the solution for the youth unemployment problem? There are still arguments around this topic. (full report can be downloaded here)

Organisations like British Library, NESTA, universities and so on are providing supports for young people. Although all supports or funds provider will have their own perspectives (especially funds from specific industries) and may not be accessible for everyone, it is still worth to check out possible entrepreneurial opportunities and supports in the current economic situation.